RACC Public Affairs & Legislative Agenda

Each year in advance of the “long” Oregon Legislative Session with input from professional staff and its government affairs team, the chamber’s board of directors approves a two-year public affairs and legislative agenda. Advanced knowledge of what to expect during upcoming sessions, and pre-session positions allow the chamber to weigh in with position papers, testimony, calls to action and outreach to legislators at a moment’s notice during the session. 


Implementation of its public affairs and legislative agenda ensures the chamber represents business during state and federal sessions promptly and in the best manner possible. The chamber still retains the ability to review unanticipated legislation or specific issues at the request of members and take action in a timely fashion. 


Examples of legislation RACC monitored this past session, include:

  • Cap and Trade Legislation
  • Using SAIF Reserves to Pay for PERS Pension Debt
  • Major Business Tax to Fund K-12
  • Medicaid Funding Via a Direct Tax on Small Local Business
  • Small Business Tax Repeal
  • Changing Oregon Law to Allow Government Use of Hotel Tax for Workforce Housing
  • Workplace Marijuana Accommodation . . . and so much more!

Have a house bill, senate bill, proposed city ordinance, initiative or ballot measure you think the RACC needs to be aware of, email us.