The Land of Umpqua offers the finest bait and fly fishing in Oregon, from ocean fishing at Winchester Bay to lake and river angling. The majestic North Umpqua River “lures” locals and visitors to it year after year. No matter the season or the water sport, the offering of the North Umpqua River is incomparable.


Long recognized as a premier destination for fly fishing for wild steelhead, the North Umpqua River is also known for its 33-mile section of “fly angling only water.” There has long been the misconception these regulations were set in place for fly fisherman to pursue their sport; when, in fact, the regulations were originally established to protect the runs of salmon which spawn in the river.


As a fly fishing stream the North Umpqua is known as the “graduate school of fly fishing”—a testament to the difficulty of fishing and wading this storied river.